Practise Worded Problems (Division)


Equivalent Groups

1) For a party there are 56 cupcakes ordered. There are 8 cupcakes in each box. How many boxes are there?

2) In year 6 there are 60 students. Each student must be organised into a Basketball team, where each team has 5 players. How many teams will there be in total?

3) I have worked on Maths in SDL for a total time of 130 minutes this week. I spent exactly the same amount of time on it each day. If I worked on it for 5 days, how many minutes did I spend on it each day?

Allocation and Rate

1) I bought 8 packs of lollies for $32. How much did each packet cost?

2) A box of chocolates cost $9. If there are 6 chocolates in the box, how much did each chocolate cost?

3) If I swim 600m in 8 minutes. And I am swimming the same amount of time for every 150m. How long does it take me to swim 150m?


Rectangular Arrays

1) The width of a swimming pool is 24m. If the pool has 8 lanes, how wide is each lane?

2) 42 students line up in 6 lines. How many students in each line?

3) A farmer plants 90 corn plants in a field. There are 18 rows. How many plants in each row?


Times as Many

1) Geelong scored 120 points in their last game. They scored 4 times as many as Port Adelaide. How many points did Port Adelaide score?

2) I used 4 cups of flour to bake a cake. This was 8 times as much as the original recipe. How much flour was required in the original recipe?

3) I have 63 Pokemon cards, this is 9 times as many as my friend. How many cards does my friend have?

Cartesian Product

1) A teacher has worked out that if learning partners are a boy paired with a girl, there are 165 possible combinations in the class. If there are 15 boys, how many girls are there?

2) I have 32 different outfits made up of pants and t-shirts. If I have 4 pairs of pants, how many different t-shirts do I have?

Extra challenge question

3) If everyone in a room shakes hands with everyone else then there is a total of 49 hand shakes. How many people are in the room?


Representing remainders as decimal fractions questions








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